Xamarin/Phonegap Application Development

Phonegap, developed by Adobe, is a distribution of Cordova in an open source. This includes desktop app, mobile app, plugin library, third party tools, developer community and much more.

This is a complete development framework for mobile application. The newest release of phonegap is known as Apache Cordova.

Instead of mobile OS APIs, Phonegap builds the applications with the help of JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5. Apart from these, the language can also be written in C#, C++, Objective-C and Java.

The most important contributors of Phonegap or Apache Cordova are Google, Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Intel, Mozilla and much more.
Simplesoft provides with high level Phonegap development with the dedicated team of experienced experts.

Our Skills

  • Mobile application development framework

  • Written in Java, C++, C#, JavaScript, Objective-C, CSS and HTML

  • Supports Android, iOS, Windows, Firefox OS, webOS, Ubantu

  • Includes desktop app, mobile apps, plugin library, third party tools, developer community

  • Used in mobile applications Monaca, appMobi, Convertigo, ViziApps, Worklight


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