At our PHP development center we develop high quality; cost-effective PHP MYSQL based Web Development Application Solutions. PHP developers of Simplesoft have developed various enterprise solutions in PHP and that includes E-Commerce shopping carts, CRM solutions and interactive Email & SMS based applications.


  • Reduced development and maintenance cost (The OS, DBMS and scripting languages are available free of charge)
  • High performance and reliability
  • Wide availability and support
  • Platform (DBMS and OS) independence
  • Flexibility, the system is to be template-based which means that the presentation of the data to the user will be separated from the business logic and internal data representation

Our core skills

  • Perl/CGI, PHP

  • Databases: MySQL , MS SQL

  • Javascript client side programming

  • Linux, Unix/Windows/Windows NT/XP

  • Web pages & script design include images design

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Large project development and support


DB 75, Sector – 1
kolkata – 700064

+91 983 007-8221