Businesses who want to launch online eCommerce storefronts use Shopify, a Software as a Service platform. Unlike WordPress and Blogger, Shopify focuses on developing, hosting, operating, and managing websites for the eCommerce sector. It is the most widely used multi-channel Content Management System worldwide, mostly being used by small and medium-sized organisations.

More than 175 nations are home to Shopify’s one million plus customers. FitBit, Penguin Books, Hyatt Hotel Corporation, and RedBull are just a few examples of market leaders who use Shopify to handle their eCommerce requirements. Due to the fact that Shopify is a cloud-based service, there is no need to install any website servers. Users may profit from Shopify with ease as the programme is automatically updated as new features are added.

It provides a wide range of solutions for marketing, sales, customer engagement, shipping, payments, and many other needs of online stores. Users can also take advantage of Shopify’s 15-day free trial period to learn more about the software. Users have access to tens of thousands of pre- built templates that may be utilised to create unique websites based on their target market.


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