A Complete Hospital Management System

The IT system has revolutionized in the field of medicine. In this fast-paced and rapid changing world of medicine, it is a huge and daunting task to manage a multi-specialty hospital. Keeping this in mind on how to manage a multi-specialty hospital absolutely paperless, Simplesoft Technologies developed a Hospital Management System (HMS) which is completely GST enabled and highly customizable and compatible to fulfill the day-to-day needs like financial, administrative and clinical segments of any Hospitals, Healthcare Centers, Nursing Homes, Pathology Lab, Polyclinics etc.

The work of healthcare workers and their relationships with patients are made easy by the our Hospital Management Software. All hospital measures can be methodically recorded in digital form and  assisting specialists in keeping track of their workload through our Hospital Management System. We always provide remote support and frequent onsite support for around Kolkata based clients for backup and additional training. 

Kolkata based Simplesoft Technologies provide installation and demonstration of the software and powerful client support. Starting from in patient management to pharmacy with inventory, O.T. Management, diagnostics, laboratory and out patient management, Hospital Management System takes care of every single data and document of your hospital, nursing home, diagnostic center or health care institute.

  • Facilitates of advance booking and Cash collection.
  • Collects Deposit amount from Patient on admission and produce receipt on cash payments.
  • Generate Admission form with Patient details.
  • Updates bed status for transfer or discharge of patient along with transfer or discharge slip.
  • Update current doctor with transfer facility.
  • Manage corporate bill details.
  • Update bed charge automatically and manage daily bill, package bill, final bill.
  • Issue of Discharge Certificate at the time of discharge.
  • Facilitates of advance O.T. booking.
  • Maintain O.T. Start Time and End Time.
  • Clinical Orders Entry, Surgical Consumables/ Disposables & Medicine Request Entry.
  • Maintain record of new born baby details in case of delivery O.T.
  • Maintain record of pre anesthetic and post operative notes.
  • Generate Cash Report based on collection from Out Patient‚s for Consultations, Investigation & Procedures.
  • Generate Bill for the Services offered with Credit Account Code and name of the beneficiary and reimbursing.
  • Company Account towards the treatment expenses provided by the hospital.
  • Maintain Record of collection Cashier name-wise.
  • Generate doctor wise collection sheet.
  • Generate department wise slip after investigation entry.
  • Generate all type of pathology, radiology, USG, CT scan and other investigation reports.
  • Generate report to be prepared list.
  • Generate refer doctor, corporate, department wise investigation report.
  • Marketing gives a clear picture regarding the marketing wing of the Hospital.
  • An option is provided to enter the personal details of the Doctors.
  • Segregation of Areas & Sub Areas and the Doctors and other allied facility associated with it can be searched.
  • Performance analysis of the marketing personal.
  • Opening stocks provision is available for the pharmacy.
  • Purchase of medicine can be either vendor purchase through purchase order or open purchase from the market.
  • Details of supplied item to the Hospital department.
  • Issue facility available to the patient and customer from pharmacy and various departments.
  • After the Pharmacy Clearance Final bill can be prepared & returned Medicines can be adjusted with the Final Bill.
  • Customer return, Patient return, Department return, Vendor return option is available with the break up Pharmacy Bill.
  • Under any condition item returned from the Hospital & Counter Patient will be accepted.
  • The total of Outdoor Sales is done and the bills are raised thereof further referring it to the Reports.
  • To keep track of all the items of the Hospital.
  • Opening stocks provision is available for the store.
  • Open Purchase & Purchase Order for item purchase.
  • Vendor Challan for item entered in the Hospital.
  • Issue facility available to the patient and customer from pharmacy and various departments.
  • Reports, All Item List of Hospital, Purchase Order list & Vendor Challan List.
  • Patient Bill Generation & Item Stock Register.
  • Supplier List, Department wise Item List.
  • ACCESS CONTROL (who has the right to access the Software).
  • AUTHORISITION (Defining Rights of an User).
  • AUTHENTIFICATION (Checking who the user Is ).
  • DATA SECURITY (Maintain Confidentiality of Data).
  • PASSWORD INTEGRITY (Encryption of Passwords).
  • Opd Consultation Doctor Wise, Department Wise, Referrer Doctor Wise, Corporate Wise.
  • Bed Status & Monthly Bed Occupancy Report.
  • Department wise & Service Head wise Revenue.
  • Stock Movements of items from store and pharmacy.
  • Doctors‚ Commission & Test wise Commission.
  • Diagnostic Test Count.
  • Payments Outstanding, Income for the Period, Diagnostic Test Listing & Patient Registration.
  • Admission Related Information, Discharge Related Information & Doctor wise Revenue.
  • Bill status and bill pending status of current patient.
  • Generate re-order level item list of store and pharmacy.
  • Generate list of expired items of store and pharmacy.

Key Features of Hospital Management System:

  • In-Patient Management

  • O.T. Management

  • Out Patient Management

  • Diagnostic and Laboratory Management

  • Pharmacy with Inventory

  • Inventory Control System

  • Marketing Control System

  • System Security & Software Management

  • M.I.S. Report



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