SimplePharma – Low Cost Pharmacy Management System for Medicine shops and Whole sellers

Now-a-days we are seeing a common scenario of more people gathered in a medicine shop to purchase medicines and in that situation it is really difficult for a Pharmacist to remember where a particular medicine are placed in stock or whether a particular medicine composition is available or not. Taking this and many more obstacles as a pharmacist into consideration, Simplesoft Technologies comes up with an innovative idea of a Medicine Shop Management Software called SimplePharma.

Since after the inclusion of GST it is getting very difficult for the Medicine Shops to maintain the ledger of Taxes along with Sales manually, SimplePharma is ready to give a sign of relief for the Pharmacists by maintaining day-to-day transactions, maintaining of expiry items, maintaining of stocks and many more.

Key Features of SimplePharma – A Low Cost Pharmacy Management System:

  • Generate Bill & Cancellation For Patient with GST.

  • Purchased Item can be added in software with GST.

  • Purchased Item can be return to supplier wise.

  • Record the Breakage / Used / Damaged Medicine.

  • Check the collection report Cash / Credit wise.

  • Check the expired medicine sorted by date-wise.

  • Check & Re-order of the medicine.

  • Check the stock movement of each medicine.



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