Mobile App Development

With the huge advancement of Mobile technology in today’s world, organizations are extremely eager to increase their presence in the mobile space. Small and medium enterprises are looking to create mobile versions of their websites. This will help them to improve operational excellence and increase efficiencies, reduce cost and enhance visitor experience. This is not only valid for external visitors or target customers but also for employees, vendors or other internal entities.

Daunting task for a developer is to accommodate all such scenarios through right choice of their development environment.

Simplesoft Technologies has an experienced team to design and build mobile sites. We have successfully completed and delivered mobile websites for our various clients across the globe. We help our clients in design, and help them with perfectly tailored mobile solution as per their need.

From billions of mobile phone users, almost 20% browse Internet from their mobile phones. This number will grow significantly in the coming days. This is why every website owner nowadays wants to create a mobile version of his/her traditional desktop based websites. Small companies to big corporates whose websites are mainly consumer driven, can see the promise of mobile websites. The easy quick and cost effective approach is to alter your existing website and make it compatible for mobile devices. Like full scale websites, mobile browsers also use HTML, CSS and javascript. HTML5 and CSS3 are also used by mobile browsers.

Mobile Application Features

  • Apple® iOS
  • Android™
  • Microsoft® Windows® Mobile and Microsoft® Phone 7
  • Symbian®
  • RIM® BlackBerry®
  • Java®
  • Linux® etc.


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