Lead generation and management websites are arguably the most powerful tool in the Internet commerce domain. The key to a successful lead generation site is its professional look & feel. Lead generation and management sites deal with large number of web traffic thus a higher search engine ranking is extremely important for a lead generation and management website. The objective of a lead generation and management website is to convert a visitor into a potential customer to its subscribers – so easy to use navigation, well written persuasive contents are also important. It always aim to provide a large audience to its subscribers.

In Simplesoft, we have a specialized team in lead generation and management portal design and development. Our objective is to ensure as many visitors as possible to contact the service providers through the site. Our strong graphic design team is always careful to express trustworthiness of your business and assure the visitor to get the best possible service with you. Placing of contact forms in the right place attracts the visitors and help them to post their requirements. Over the period, we have seen that a well thought out landing page can increase your business lead to a great extent.

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Lead generation and management websites are mainly for professional service companies or individuals.

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers

  • Plastic Surgeons

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Auto Agents

  • Accountants

  • Insurance Agents … and many more


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