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Tbyte( Tea Garden Management Software)

The objective of this system is to assist the personnel of the garden in their day- to- day tasks. This software will generate several reports to assist the management of the garden. This software will also pass data to the head office, which can be included in the office part of Tbyte and several reports will be generated from there The software will help users, to identify several cost centers in the garden, to make budgets for those cost centers and to optimise cost parameters and maximize the productivity of the garden. This software will provide all sorts of MIS reports to the management in order to utilize existing manpower in the best possible way. This computer-based system may have facilities to analyse and forecast rainfall if a considerable amount of data is fed (at least of last 25 years).

Provision of census data of the labour and their dependents may help the management to calculate certain entitlement quantities.

Business Logic :

Each garden is divided into several divisions and each division is divided into several sections and nurseries. Those sections and nurseries will be treated as independent cost centers with respect to the garden. Factories, Bungalows and Hospitals will be treated as separate cost centers

This software covers following areas:

Tea Plucking Tea Processing & Manufacturing Tea Trading Labour Attendance Employees Payroll & Rationing Store & Inventory Control

Some of the Reports which can be extracted from our software:

Labours in Plucking statement Labours in Other Jobs Statement Job wise Man days and wage Job wise Section wise Man days and wage Job wise Nursery wise Man days and wage Job wise Man days and wage in Factory Section wise Green leaf yield Section wise Man days and wage Absent Summary as on Date General Wage Statement (For the Wage Week) Daily Job Statement (Plucking & Other Job) P.F. Advance Due List (Till Date) Periodic Ration Register (Depending on Percentage of Rice and Atta) Store Item Ledger Division wise Item Consumption Detail Account wise Consumption Summary (Periodic Report, Account Code wise) Item Group Head wise Received and Consumption Summary Report Account wise Consumption Details (Periodic Report for a Particular Account Code) Item Category wise Receive and consumption Summary report. Day wise Item ledger (First in First Out Method) Day wise Item ledger (Last in First Out Method) Day wise Item ledger (Average Method) Supplier Outstanding Bills Cash Book Account Ledgers Expenditure Statement

Special Reports [Including Plantation, Nursery and Job]:

Job wise section wise report Account head wise Budget and actual Green leaf yield month wise estimated and actual


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