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Software for Book Publishers

Publisher 1.0 is a network compatible software for any size of book publishing company. It covers the Purchase of Raw Materials and distribution to Printers, Binders and Laminators etc. It also takes care of the total Cash and Credit Billing and Challans. Publishers 1.0 comes with a complete accounting module which is interlinked with all the modules.

Publisher 1.0 covers following areas :

Material Management Books Printing Books Binding Books Lamination Distribution of Books Stock Maintenance Royalty Calculation Financial Accounting Payroll Management

Basic features of Publisher 1.0 are :

Binder Transaction Report Binder wise Book & Cover Stock Book Rebinding Report Printer Transaction Report Printer Pending Delivery Laminator Transaction Report Laminator wise Cover Stock Book wise Sales Report Book Sale Report After Return Book Stock Report Book wise Rate wise Sales Report

District wise Agent wise Sales Report Book wise Rate wise Return District wise Agent wise Performance Analysis Agent wise Book wise Sales Analysis Salesman wise Performance Analysis Budget Analysis Periodic Book Sale Report Salesman wise Book wise Distribution Preparation of Pay Sleep


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