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Payroll Management Software


Payroll Management Software deals with Human Resource of the organization. This software maintains total employee database. Wage and attendance related information comes to this system. It prepares wage sheet for workmen; handle Provident Fund, ESI related formalities.


Payroll Management Software starts with the employee & workmen master. Employees being a part of a department, so there will be provision of department and designation master. The job of this module is to record the regular attendance of every employee. Usage of magnetic card or finger print recognition devices will help to improve the attendance system and provide an overall security in terms of discarding proxy attendance. Moreover if the attendance related information can be digitised then the major portion of monthly salary can be automated. But the authority should study the feasibility of this kind of system. This system will also deal with the financial entries like advance or loan to employees. From Holiday master provided with the module the user could feed all possible holidays at the beginning of a year, so leave related information can be automated. This module will generate monthly wage sheet from which the salary payment can be made and respective accounts will be updated. All figures will be protected under password. Only authorised person will be eligible to access information from this module.

Some of the Reports which can be extracted from our software:

Advance Report Advance Dues ESI Report PF Report Periodic Incentive Report Daily Present ⁄ Absent ⁄ OT Shift wise Periodic Present ⁄ Absent ⁄ OT Shift wise Leave Report Periodic Leave Consumption And Balance Late comers and early comers Periodic Absenteeism Periodic Overtime Periodic Present Shift wise Income Tax related Information report

Section and Skill wise manpower engagement report Gratuity report Professional Tax Report Leave Salary Report Group Medical ⁄ Company Scheme Co-Operative deduction report. Pension Fund / FPS report PF (Company) contribution / DLI report LIC report (Policy wise) Payslip for retainers Income Tax Deduction report Incentive Report Performance report


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