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Our Jewellery management system is not a mere product; it is an emotion, a passion and trust of the consumer. A unique piece of ornament tells everything about it by its different attributes. Quality is inherent with the word ornament .So, quality is the main criteria to roll the business on and on. But maintaining the same quality or upgrading the present one is not an easy task because quality is the ultimate picture of the entire business. Good quality of a product depends on many factors e.g. sound infrastructure, better management control, etc. So to obtain the optimum quality, jewellers have to upgrade those ingredients by which the quality is affected. To upgrade those ingredients the jewellers have to depend on some types of data. So, if the decision making person of the business wants to have a grip on the total business, he/she will have to have a knowledge of the entire flow of data and information within the organisation .It cannot be done without the help of a Business Related Software.

As we all know the jewellery trade can be divided into three major categories i.e. 1) Retail 2) Wholesale & 3) Export, we developed three different packages for them.

Main Features Of Jewellery Management System:

Creation of unlimited types of purity
Each purity can be divided into 50 grades depending on percentage of alloys.
Creation of Artisan ⁄ Dealer Master
Every single information regarding the artisan/dealer can be stored here e.g. name & address of the artisan, making charge of an ornament etc.
Creation of Customer Master
Every single information regarding the customer can be stored here e.g. name & address of the customer etc.
Creation of Stone Master
There are many types of stones in the business which are categorised according to:
1) Diamond : It can be divided into many categories e.g. round, square, Marquise etc.
2) Colour Stones : Ruby, Pearl, Emerald, etc.


Sale Register Sale Tax Register Customer Register Artisan Register Dealer Register Purchase Register Approval Register Register of primary gold and old ornaments [artisan & dealer] Register of ornaments for sale along with customer detail Item wise ID Detail ID Status

Multi-ID Selection Artisan ⁄ Artisan ledger (Purity wise & Cumulative) Artisan ⁄ Artisan gold & cash ledger Dealer ledger (Purity wise & Cumulative) Dealer gold & cash ledger Old gold ledger New gold ledger Stone ledger Customer ledger

Daily ReportsInteractive Queries:

Cash Reports List of pending order Item wise Sale Report Customer Due Statement Item Stock Status

Gold Balances Artisan Balances Dealer Balances Stone Balances

MIS Reports Some of our MIS reports are as follows:

Material Balance Left with Artisan Artisan wise Pending Gold & Stone Item Balance Left with Artisan Production Received Detail of a Work Order Detail Order Register Detail Item Stock


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