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Customized Software Application Service for Hospital

It has been observed that every Organization falls into a growth cycle once it is truly organized. The major mode of organization in the healthcare system is an established IT backbone.

HMS is a software that enables the administration to run the organization smoothly.

HMS is such a software that empowers the management to visualize the entire business happenings of the organization sitting in front of a PC.

HMS is not just a software. It is revenue-generating tool. The fundamental concepts of origin being Cost analysis/reduction and Management of the healthcare center with same resources when the business grows.

The software ensures full data handshaking among the modules to ensure error-free operation with minimum effort and ensure availability of data when and where it is required. The healthcare centers can definitely improve the operational efficiency and save cost of operation through proper implementation of the modules.

HMS covers following areas:

Reception & Enquiry Patient Registration, Billing & Discharge (IPD) Out Patient Management Doctors O.T. Management Diagnostic and Pathology Laboratory Management

Pharmacy with Inventory Inventory Control System (Store) Integrated with Accounting System Marketing Control System Management Information System System Security & Software Management

Some of the Reports which can be extracted from HMS are:

Opd Doctor Schedule Opd Booked Patient List OPD Patient Visit Details OPD Collection & Due Servide Head Wise Business Referrer Doctor Wise Collection Doctor Incentive Admission Register Discharge Register Bed Status Patient Wise Bill Status Bill Annexture Before Final Bill Bed Occupancy Ipd Collection (Admiting Doctor Wise, Referrer Doctor Wise, TPA Corporate Wise) TPA/Corporate Sattelment Department Wise Business

Sale Breakup Patient Count Doctor Payment Sheet Userwise Collection Doctor Earning Report Hospital Business Investigation   Test Counting Store Item Stock Store Purchase Register Store Sale Register Total Sale and Purchase Stock Movement Report Pharmacy Purchase Register Pharmacy Sale Register Pharmacy Total Sale and Purchase

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