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XTRade - Software for Traders

Xtrade is a software that enables the administration to run the organization smoothly.

Xtrade is such a software that empowers the management to visualize the entire business happenings of the organization sitting in front of a PC.

The software ensures full data handshaking among the modules to ensure error-free operation with minimum effort and ensure availability of data when and where it is required. The cost centers can definitely improve the operational efficiency and save cost of operation through proper implementation of the modules. Xtrade SOFTWARE is a ready-made product. It has been developed while keeping in mind the exact requirement of a trading organization of any size. A team of Computer Professionals who have the full domain knowledge are working constantly at our production center to make it more effective and incorporate the latest advancements in the field of Information Technology.

Xtrade helps you to understand the vital elements of your business and gives you most vital information regarding your future trends and necessary corrective actions. Therefore this solution takes unparalleled care of each and every information need of a modern trading company unlike just a package made by computer professionals for whom it is not possible to understand the intricacies of the Management, thus, it is the Xtrade touch.

Key Features:

Smooth data recovery & data migration. Protection of your investment and hassle-free up gradation. All modules are totally integrated. Each module has definite tasks. Less cluttered. Easily maintainable and modifiable. Easy implementation of organization's own business rules. Can support rapidly expandable amount of data as well as the increasing number of users. Inherent user-friendliness of a Single Document Interface based software. The total coverage of the company's inventory system. Detailed information on the Sale, Purchase & the Inventories to the management and better service to the customers. Total dealing with all types of Product Selling & Purchasing. Tracking of records of all customers for the payment & dues left with them. Total Sale procedure including item wise break-ups. Total Purchase procedure starting from Purchase Order to Material Receipt Note. Computerized stock maintaining helps to prevent pilferage or manipulation with the stock.

The entire software covers following areas:

Order Processing Material Management Inventory Control Financial Management Payroll Management

Some of the Reports, which can be extracted from our software:

Purchase Order Register Client Order Register Purchase Order wise delivery Schedule Analysis Order wise delivery Schedule Analysis Purchased/Sales Register (Detailed/Concise) Item Ledger Item Stock Statement Item Issue/Sales Register Sales Analysis Purchase Analysis Purchase Register/Sales Register Sales Tax Statement Supplier wise Item wise Lifting Report

Client wise Item wise Lifting Report Preparation of Pay Sleep Cash/Bank Book (Detailed/Summery) Debtor's Summery (Accounts Receivable) Creditor‚s Summery (Accounts Payable) General Ledger Books Day Books Trial Balance/Six Column Trial Balance Trading Account Profit & Loss Account Balance Sheet


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