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Financial Accounting Software

 It has been observed that every organisation falls into a growth cycle once it is truly organised. The major mode of organisation in this sector is an established IT backbone.

Balance ensures full data handshaking among the modules to ensure error-free operation with minimum effort and ensure availability of data when and where it is required. Balance SOFTWARE is a ready-made product. It has been developed while keeping in mind the exact requirement of the financial accounting factors of organisations of any size. A team of Computer Professionals who have the full domain knowledge are working constantly at our production center to make it more effective and incorporate the latest advancements in the field of Information Technology.

Feature-benefit analysis

Smooth data recovery & data migration. Protection of your investment and hassle-free up gradation. Easy implementation of organization’s own business rules. Can support rapidly expandable amount of data as well as the increasing number of users. Efficient in rapid expansion of Business volume. Two-tier security system – Module level & Menu level. Restricted access to business data at various points. Limited user-access to important data by setting fixed privileges. Inherent user-friendliness of a Single Document Interface based software. Extensive use of easy menus, tool tips and help features. Easily manageable even by those people who are less acquainted with the computers. Less learning curve and more productivity. Direct improvement of the business prospects. Tracking of records of all customers for the payment & dues left with them. Total computerised Financial Accounts. All computerised Receipt, Payment, Journal, Contra, Debit Note and Credit Note vouchers. Computerised Financial accounts gives exact and error free financial figures including Cash Book, Bank Book, Trial Balance, Trading A/c, P&L A/c and Balance Sheet. Support from professionals with sound knowledge of Software and Hardware. All the experts under one roof to provide timely support. Unlimited Company and Unlimited Year creation facility.


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