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Tinkle - Custom SMS Software

Tinkle - is a revolutionary service provided by Simplesoft Technologies. This computer-based service translates the mobile SMS into a profit-making tool for your organization. Today, text messaging has moved beyond a teenage fad‚ to become an essential business tool. The first step taken into the mobile office arena, text messaging enables people to conveniently and cost-effectively manage the mobile workforce and replicate the office on the move.

The entire domain of Tinkle is divided into three main categories:
a) Reminder Messaging Service
b) Greetings Messaging Service
c) Product Campaign Service


As a discreet tool, incoming text alerts can be received silently in business environments when you would not wish to be disturbed. Additionally, as you are reading, rather than listening to the information, text messaging does not suffer from any form of distortion in a noisy environment. There is also the additional functionality of being able to save, or call telephone phone numbers sent in the body of the text message.

Text messaging also enables information to be sent to groups of people quickly, for example sales engineers on the road receiving‚ offers of the day‚ by text, making it a more cost-effective solution to disperse information than 1st class post.

Finally, eliminating the temptation to chat, text messaging is an efficient way to conduct business. Additionally, it proves to be cost-effective when needing to stay in touch with colleagues travelling internationally.


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