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Cable TV Management Software

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Cable TV Manager – a complete one stop software solution for all types of cable TV operators. Cable TV Manager take care of the subscriber management as well as cable laying diagram and network management. Cable TV Manager is the first software for the Cable TV Operators, which has Administration and Network Management system in a very affordable price.

Cable TV Manager covers following areas:

Subscriber Management Advertisement Management External Billing Employees Payroll Management Financial Accounting Management Network Management Equipment and Cable Management Fault Management

Some of the Reports which can be extracted from our software:

Subscriber Bill Register Subscriber Payment Receipt Register Periodic Collections Status Receipt Outstanding Collector wise Collection Report Service Tax Register [For Subscriber Bills] Certificate of Telecast Client wise Billing and Payment Status List Of Ads Booked Status Of Ad Schedules Preparation Of Pay slip Debtor‚s Summary (Account Receivables) Creditor‚s Summary (Account Payables)

Detailed Cash / Bank Books Account Group Balance General Ledger Account Balances General Ledger Books Trial Balance Trial Balance Six Columns Trading A/c Profit & Loss A/c Balance Sheet Budget Analysis Bank Reconciliation Statement Print Network Diagram Print Network Diagram


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